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Ayur Healthcare is unusual in the way it treats patients because it specialises in a variety of natural cures.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Tinnitus


Jul 08 2022

Ayurvedic Treatment for Tinnitus: Ayurveda tinnitus treatment is wide-ranging and adaptive to individual circumstances. Our experienced practitioners adapt treatments to deal with patient’s each symptom and overall well-being.Ayur healthcare focus on Panchakarma treatment which helps in treating and preventing tinnitus which are as follows:Nasya: Nasya, has a powerful effect in balancing the vata. Nasya nourishes the senses and eliminates excess vata from senses.Massage, head massage and foot massage normalises the vata.Karnapooran: (Ear drops) reduces the vata in the ears.Kawala & Gandush: Kawala (Gargling) of medicated oils or certain liquids and Gandush is withholding medicated oils or certain liquids in the mouth for a certain period of time, strengthens the nerves near to eyes and ears and pacifies aggravated vata. So, Vata balancing therapies and herbs that reduce vata are beneficial as tinnitus is a vata disorder.

The Ayur Healthcare team is made up of nature lovers and Ayurvedic doctors in Sydney who give professional treatment without sacrificing personal attention for each client that walks through our doors. The clinic's ayurveda doctors have extensive knowledge in two separate geographies (India and Australia). They are one of the first practitioners of classical Ayurveda in Sydney, Australia. Ayur Healthcare is unusual in the way it treats patients because it specialises in a variety of natural cures. About Ayurhealthcare

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