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Ayur Healthcare is unusual in the way it treats patients because it specialises in a variety of natural cures.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance


Jul 08 2022

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance: ‘PanchaKarma’ A gentle but deep Ayurvedic Cleansing Programme is the best treatment. PanchaKarama in Parramatta is an ancient Indian healing modality involving the successive application of medicated oils to the entire body for the purpose of penetrating the skin and removal of soluble toxins at the cellular levels. This treatment is generally is done on a daily basis for a period of 7 to 21 days, depending on the severity of the imbalance and whether it’s been a chronic condition. After the cleanse, since the cells are no longer coated with toxins, the cellular ‘fire’ and intelligence is improved and healthy functioning is restored at the deepest level. Treatment is done under careful supervision by our Ayurvedic Practitioner (Called Vaidya) in our Ayur health care.

The Ayur Healthcare team is made up of nature lovers and Ayurvedic doctors in Sydney who give professional treatment without sacrificing personal attention for each client that walks through our doors. The clinic's ayurveda doctors have extensive knowledge in two separate geographies (India and Australia). They are one of the first practitioners of classical Ayurveda in Sydney, Australia. Ayur Healthcare is unusual in the way it treats patients because it specialises in a variety of natural cures. About Ayurhealthcare

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